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Welcome and thank you for checking out my shop!

I design jewelry and keychains that feature RV charms, such as motorhome charms and travel trailer charms / Airstream charms, as well as boho jewerly and keychains. I design my own charms (new designs on the horizon) and use high-quality materials in each of my pieces.

Founded in 2015 and currently headquartered in Orlando, Florida, RV Gems is a motionless home business that sells primarily online. If all goes as planned, my family will become full-time RVers within the next few years, at which time I’ll take my business on-the-road and sell in-person as well as online.

I worked in office administration for over 17 years, until the onset of Fibromyalgia and other related health conditions. It was a challenge for me to identify a way to supplement my family’s income without exacerbating the symptoms. I tried working part-time in administration and establishing and running a professional resume writing business, among other attempts. After many moments of extreme frustration and pain, and finally acceptance (God grant me the serenity!), I decided to try my hand at jewelry making and LOVED it. Not only do I enjoy jewelry design, the flexible schedule and low volume of work allow me to rest when needed.

The open-road has called my name ever since my family moved from Florida to California when I was twelve years old. We visited all of the major attractions along the way; Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, The Alamo, etc. Some of my happiest childhood memories were made during that trip. Years later, when my son was 10 years old, we rented a motorhome for a camping trip and I fell in love. Full-time RV living has been a goal of mine for many years!

One day in 2015 it hit me… I could blend passions and design RV charms for my gemstone jewelry! Did you know there are over nine million RV households in the United States? Female RVers who love their rigs and lifestyle (to the degree I will), would love to rock beautiful gemstone jewelry with RV themed charms! And with that, I established RV Gems.

When you wear my jewelry, I hope you feel the love and good vibes that I put into each and every piece.

If you'd like to make a small donation towards a motorhome that my husband and I will live in full-time, please GoFundMe at https://www.gofundme.com/rvgems. Thank you!

Wishing you safe travels and grand adventures!

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